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Environment and Social Activities

Torii Pharmaceutical contributes to public health and wellbeing through pharmaceutical products, while also recognizing the need to reduce the burden on the environment caused by business operations. To preserve a healthy and rich environment for the next generation, we are proactive in protecting the global environment. In addition, Torii Pharmaceutical strives to maintain high ethical standards and to be a good corporate citizen through business operations that meet the expectations of society.

Ethical Considerations in Animal Experimentation

Animal experimentation remains essential to ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical products being manufactured and to confirm the effectiveness and safety of new drugs being researched and developed. Based on guidelines for animal experimentation conducted at facilities approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we have established internal regulations on animal experiments and have set up an animal experiment committee. Thus, we strive to implement proper animal experiments based on the proper keeping of laboratory animals and the 3R*1 rule. We inspect and assess these initiatives ourselves and check whether animal tests are being conducted appropriately. With regard to the appropriate animal care and animal experimentation, the Center for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care and Use (CALAC) *2 accreditation as an animal testing facility conducts on-site investigations to provide third-party inspection and evaluation. Following an inspection, we have acquired certification.

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