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Terms of Use

This web site was set up and is managed by Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter to be abbreviated as Torii). For use of this web site, you are kindly requested to read the following terms carefully. Once you start use of this web site, Torii will consider that you have fully understood and agree to these terms. You are also kindly requested to read and confirm any renewal and update of the terms, as they may possibly be revised without prior notice.


All the content in this web site is covered and protected by copyright. Therefore, you are not allowed to use any part of the content, unless it is outside the copyright, without Torii's prior consensus.

Trademark and Intellectual Property

The rights on all trademarks, service marks, the company name, designs, and product names, etc. is covered and protected by relevant laws. Therefore, any use of them without Torii's prior consensus, such as use for commercial purpose, is regarded as infringement of rights, and is prohibited.

Information in the Web Site

This web site is aimed at providing general information on Torii (the company) and Torii's products. Therefore, the information here is not adequate to replace advice or service to be given by medical professionals such as physicians and pharmacists.

Information on the Products

This web site provides information on Torii's products. However, all the information solely concerns Japan, under the regulations of Japanese authorities. Therefore, the information herein may not always be appropriate to use outside Japan. Please, therefore, check and confirm the regulatory situation in the country to which you intend to refer.

Handling Information Provided to Torii by Means of E-mail and/or Other Communication Media

The information provided to Torii by means of E-mail and/or other communication media is, except for personal and/or private information, dealt with in an open manner. Torii considers itself to be free to produce copies and to make use of the provided information for any purpose it sees fit.
Torii has no obligation to reply to the information provided to Torii by means of E-mail or other correspondence.

Interruption of Web Site Service Supply

Torii may break or stop the web site service either in part or wholly, without prior notice, at any time. Torii shall not assume liability for loss or damage caused by the break or interruption of service.

Change of the Contents of Web Site Etc.

Torii may change, add or delete the contents of this web site at any time, without prior notice, or may change the URL. Torii shall not assume liability for loss or damage caused by these changes or others.

Handling Link

If you would like to designate this web for a link, you are kindly requested to inform of the URL of the page on which you wish to create the link, and to obtain Torii's approval before you designate the link. When and if there is any change in the URL on the other side of the link, please let us know the new URL.
You will not be allowed to use the link in a manner in which the link appears as part of the web site of the original link.

About Cookies

This web site uses cookies to enhance user convenience and collect statistical information on user viewing, which helps Torii to improve the web site, display the most suitable content and send advertisements. Learn more about Torii’s Privacy Policy ( “7. About cookies”.

Link with Any Other Web Site

Torii will never be liable for the content of a web site that is reached by a link from this web site, or for the content of any web site with a link to this web site. For your use of each web site, please follow the preconditions for its use.

Exemption of Liability

Although efforts are made so that this web site will include completely correct and updated information, Torii shall never be liable for the quality, perfection, accuracy, safety, or usefulness of this information.
At the same time, neither Torii nor any other party shall be held liable for any damage or loss caused as the result of use of this web site and/or the result of access and inaccessibility, or for any damage that may be caused by error in its content, incorrectness, or for any other damage.

Proper Law

All trouble, including any disputes concerning this web site, should be settled under the proper laws of Japan. Therefore, settlement should be made by the Tokyo District Court as the first instance court with exclusive jurisdiction.

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