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Press Release

September 1, 2003

Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Termination of Co-promotion Agreement exchanged on Zaditen®
with Novaltis Pharma K.K.
Novaltis Pharma K.K. (Head Office:Minato-ku, Tokyo. President: Masahiro Michisuji) and Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head Office:Chuo-ku, Tokyo. President: Norihiko Matsuo) have been engaged in co-promotion activities of the antiallergic agents "Zaditen," "Zaditen Syrup," "Zaditen Dry Syrup," and "Zaditen Nasal Solution" since January 2002, but the co-promotion agreement is to be terminated on September 30, 2003.

In line with this, on and after October 1, 2003, all the activities of supply, collection and transmission of information on Zaditen are to be undertaken solely by Novaltis Pharma K.K.


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