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Press Release

June 29, 2007

Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Toray Industries, Inc.
Torii, Toray starts to Co-Promote Hemoperfusion absorption column
"Toraymyxin" for removing endotoxin
Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Tokyo; president: Norihiko Matsuo; hereinafter referred to as "Torii") and Toray Industries, Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo; president: Sadayuki Sakakibara; hereinafter referred to as "Toray") announced that the companies would start joint promotion of "Toraymyxin" (PMX-20R, PMX-05R) from July 2, 2007 in Japan, a hemoperfusion absorption column for removing endotoxin, which was developed by Toray. Currently, Toray manufactures "Toraymyxin" which has been marketed by Toray Medical Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Tokyo; president: Motonaga Tanaka), a wholly owned subsidiary of Toray.

"Toraymyxin", a blood purification device (column), absorbs the bacterial toxin (endotoxin) that causes sepsis and septic shock using a special fiber. It consists of a plastic cylindrical container filled with a special fiber composite immobilized with the antibiotic polymyxin B, which has high affinity for endotoxin. Toray in 1993 received approval for manufacturing and marketing of the product from then the "Health and Welfare Ministry of Japan," and Toray Medical has been marketing it since 1994. "Toraymyxin" is designed to selectively absorb and remove endotoxin in the bloodstream, which is believed to be responsible for sepsis.

Torii, Toray and Toray Medical believe that the tie-up would enable provision of superior products and information faster and in a more detailed manner to medical experts who engage in urgent medical treatment and intensive care, leading to further contribution to improvements of patients as well as advancement of medical technology.

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