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Press Release

February 7, 2011

Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Torii Pharmaceutical to Launch Hyperkalemia Improvement Agent, KAYEXALATE® DRYSYRUP 76%
Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced today that the company launched a hyperkalemia improvement agent, "KAYEXALATE® DRYSYRUP 76% (generic name: sodium polystyrene sulfonate)".
"KAYEXALATE®" is a hyperkalemia improvement agent whose active ingredient is sodium polystyrene sulfonate. It improves hyperkalemia by exchanging potassium ions in the intestinal tract. "KAYEXALATE® DRYSYRUP 76%" is a low-calorie preparation featuring a refreshing apple flavor, developed as a new dosage form of "KAYEXALATE® POWDER". It is expected to broaden the range of options for potassium-lowering agents, and to contribute to enhancing the patientsÂ’ quality of life.
An outline of "KAYEXALATE® DRYSYRUP 76%" is shown below.

Product outline of KAYEXALATE® DRYSYRUP 76%

1. Brand name: KAYEXALATE® DRYSYRUP 76%
2. Generic name: Sodium polystyrene sulfonate
3. Indication: Hyperkalemia caused by acute and chronic renal failure
4. Dosage and administration: The usual oral dosage for adults is 39.24 g per day (30 g per day as sodium polystyrene sulfonate) divided into 2-3 doses. A single dose is suspended in 50-150 ml
of water, and administered orally. The dosage may be adjusted according to symptoms.
5. Date of manufacturing and marketing approval: July 15, 2010
6. Date of NHI price listing: November 19, 2010
7. Packaging: 3.27g x 84 packs (2 packs Ă— 42)
8. NHI (reimbursement) price: ¥20.00/g
9. Distributed by: Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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