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Press Release
December 18, 2015

Alere Medical Co., Ltd.
Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Announcement of Collaboration of Promotional Activities for Daina screen®・HIV Combo For Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1(HIV-1) p24 antigen & antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV- 2 Detection Test Kit
Alere Medical Co., Ltd (Representative Director & President, Yasushi Michiuchi, “Alere Japan”) and TORII Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Shoichiro Takagi, “TORII Pharma”) signed a contract as of December 18, 2015 jointly to promote in the field of HIV-Infection, Daina screen®・HIV Combo (being sold under a different name of “Alere™ HIV Combo” globally except Japan) manufactured by Alere Japan who is the Manufacturing Authorization Holder of the product.

Daina screen®・HIV Combo, which Alere Japan acquired its manufacturing & marketing approval on November 6, 2015, has the advantage of differentiating HIV-1 p24 antigen and HIV-1 & HIV-2 antibodies accurately. In addition, accurate and high-sensitive detection of HIV is made feasible using whole blood samples with an easy-to-use test procedure with results available in a short time.

TORII Pharma, with its core marketing domain being in the field of HIV infection, has well been reputed in the domain of HIV infection through supplying academic & specialized information on a number of anti-HIV drugs to healthcare facilities such as core AIDS hospitals. Under the joint-promotion with Alere Japan of Daina screen®・HIV Combo, TORII Pharma will consequently be able to provide healthcare facilities with information from various angles through a comprehensive approach of diagnosis & therapy. Alere Japan will likewise be able to benefit from the big advantage of a lot of experience by TORII Pharma in this joint promotion for its share expansion.

Alere Japan has been a leading company in marketing a broad range of Point of Care (POC) test kits while TORII Pharma has been highly reputed in its core domain of HIV infection.

The two Parties are now going jointly to play a key role of allowing an early HIV detection and subsequent ART through promoting Daina screen®・HIV Combo.

Brief Overview of “Daina screen®・HIV Combo”
This product is in-virtro diagnostic test using immunochromatography method, used to detect HIV-1, HIV-2 antibodies and also, HIV-1 p24 antigen in whole blood, serum or plasma specimens.

Easy-for-use procedure where a test result will be obtained in a short incubation time of 20 – 40 min. after placing 1 drop of either serum or plasma specimens to a test strip (1-Step Method) or, in case of whole blood being used, 1 drop of Diluent is added 1 min after placing 1 drop of whole blood on a test strip and a test result will be obtained after the same incubation time as with 1-Step Method. (2-Step Method)

This product is very useful in clinical practice as an auxiliary tool to determine HIV infection and higher sensitivity has been made feasible with this product in immunochromatography method. Furthermore, another merit this product offers is whole blood is applicable with this product and test can therefore, be done at a place where no centrifuge is available.
The launching of this product is scheduled on Jan 13, 2016.

Brief Company Profiles

Alere Medical Co., Ltd.
1. Establishment: July 1, 2005 (the company name was changed from Inverness Medical Japan Co. Ltd on April 1, 2011)
2. Head Office: 7 F Shinjuku NS Bidg, 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku Tokyo 163-0807 Japan
3. Paid-in Capital: Yen 300,000,000.
4. Number of Employees: 251 (as of Aug.1, 2015)
5. Sales: US$ 2,600 million (as of Dec. settlement term, 2014. Consolidated)
TORII Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1. Establishment: November 1, 1921
2. Head Office: Torii Nihonbashi Bldg, 4-1, Nihonbashi-Honcho 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8439, Japan
3. Paid-in Capital: Yen 5,190 million
4. Number of Employees: 1,047 (as of Dec 31, 2014)
5. Sales: Yen 43,504 million (Dec. settlement term, 2014)

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