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About RSS

Our website delivers the latest information using RSS, including "Press Releases" and "Information". You can automatically receive our latest information by registering the linked destination of the following RSS icon in an RSS reader or browser that is compatible with RSS.

What is RSS?

RSS is a text format for delivering updated information from websites.
There is no need to enter your e-mail address or other personal information for the registration of RSS.

How to use RSS

RSS can be used by using software called an RSS reader or a browser that is compatible with RSS.
RSS readers and browsers that are compatible with RSS are delivered free of charge: please select the one that suits your PC environment.

Precautions for use

  • Please note that information provision by RSS may be suspended or stopped without prior notice.
  • We cannot answer questions about RSS and inquiries about RSS readers and other software provided by third parties.
  • For the registration and handling method of RSS readers, etc., please refer to the explanation of each software or service.
  • Please use this service within the scope of your individual responsibility.

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