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For patients who are in the forefront of our pharmaceutical products

We outsource the entire process of pharmaceutical production. As a pharmaceutical company, we, in cooperation with our contract manufacturers, work daily to fulfill our responsibility to ensure the quality and stable supply of our products.
Highly sophisticated quality assurance and safety management systems are required for pharmaceutical products that directly affect people's lives and health.
We have built a strong system of cooperation with pharmaceutical manufacturing sites and established a thorough quality management system of pharmaceutical products to maintain quality throughout all of our manufacturing processes and provide customers with an invisible feeling of reassurance. Each and every one of our employees is constantly aware that beyond the pharmaceutical products we manufacture, there are the patients and their families who need these products.
In order to provide pharmaceutical products that patients can feel reassured, we regularly visit pharmaceutical manufacturing sites to confirm manufacturing control and quality control with our own eyes.
Under the quality control system based on GMP※, manufacturing sites produce pharmaceutical products while confirming quality for each process, conduct the prescribed tests, and release only those that pass the tests.
We also share information regarding product quality with each manufacturing site to implement process improvements and quality improvements on a daily basis.

※Good Manufacturing Practice
Three Principles of GMP
Minimize human error
Prevent contamination and quality deterioration
Design systems that ensure high-quality

Stable Supply Measure

Providing a stable supply of pharmaceutical products is one of the most important missions of companies that handle pharmaceutical products, on which people’s lives directly depend.
Providing a stable supply of pharmaceutical products requires measures that encompass entire supply chains, and involve Torii itself and numerous partners responsible for duties from the procurement of drug substances (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and other raw materials to manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, inventory optimization, and logistics.
Our ongoing manufacturing measures include the creation of systems in preparation for unforeseen circumstances and the ability to procure drug substances and raw materials from multiple suppliers.
We will continue to enhance our supply chain, enabling us to provide the amounts of pharmaceutical products needed, when needed, where needed.

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